Dobbs Inventory Services Inc, specializes in parts physicals for car dealerships. Owned and operated by Charles Dobbs since November of 1988. The service was purchased from KC (Ken Cornister), who started this service in the California Bay Area in 1954.

Mr. Dobbs has over 35 years of automotive dealership experience. Along with a passion for computers and computer programing.

At one of the first dealers Mr. Dobbs worked for in Beloit, Wisconsin, he started programing their in-house ADP computer system. Over the years he has programed different computers in a multitude of programing languages, from the early days of binary PIC language to the robust C++.

With his dealership and computer knowledge, he has put a system together to insure a complete, accurate, easy to understand parts physical process and reports that a dealership can use.

We have performed thousands of parts physicals for hundreds for dealership on the West Coast, including Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming.

Stores from $50,000 in parts inventory to dealer groups with multi-million dollars in parts inventory can be handled with confidence, no matter the computer system.

We have a long track record of having very satisfied clients with many of them with us since the very beginning. (References available upon request)

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